The Eat Clean Plan - Fresh Start

A 28 day plan to kick start your healthy eating lifestyle!

Tracey and Jodie

About us

Hi, we’re Jodie and Tracey and it’s great that you’ve taken the time to take a look at who we are!!

Having worked in health and fitness for many years (Jodie has a fitness business and classes, attended by 500 regular local women (but not all at once!) and Tracey conducted clinical research to help the NHS), we get to talk to a wide range of people who want to be healthier and manage existing medical conditions and allergies. After both starting a 100% gluten free diet for health reasons (an autoimmune disease causing an underactive thyroid), we can safely say it has changed our lives. Some benefits of switching to a gluten free diet for us have been getting rid of stomach pains and bloating, lifelong allergies disappearing, feeling more alert with tons more energy, weight loss, thicker hair and no more dry skin, better sleep and many more wonderful side effects. It also important to look after yourself too and diet is just one part of living your best life now and making the most of your circumstances. Sleeping well, de-stressing, taking regular exercise, enjoying massage and other alternative therapies can also help.

So we decided to put everything we learnt into the Eat Clean Plan. But it's not just about creating some recipes that have worked well for us, it's about creating a manageable and sustainable plan that can fit into anyones lifestyle which also happens to be gluten free. After all, who doesn’t want to feel and look healthier and know more about the food we are putting into our bodies? We want to help other people on their healthy living journey and make it easier for people to make better choices and support their health.  Check out our regular articles and ask the expect advice column in "Free From Heaven" and" Free From Gluten" magazine too!

Jodie & Tracey x x

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