A 28 day plan to kick start your healthy eating lifestyle!

Eat Clean Plan

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Eat Clean Plan

Do you want to lose weight, reduce inflammation and have more energy?

With the "Eat Clean Plan - Fresh Start" you'll have access to easy to follow recipes with simple ingredients, foolproof weekly meal plans and shopping lists that don't cost the earth. You'll be eating delicious food without the need to count calories, syns or points! 

Many people truly want to eat healthier and feel better but don't know where to start.  The information and advice out there can be overwhelming  to say the least! We have done all of the hard work for you and have devised a complete 28 day meal plan which concentrates on eating fresh, wholesome ingredients.  It doesn't stop there, wellbeing is also vital to a healthy body and mind and we'll help you to live your best life now using our extensive knowledge and experience.   You'll also be able to continue these benefits long term and adapt the Eat Clean Plan as a lifestyle choice with our "Maintain" plan all included with your purchase at the end of your 28 day "Fresh Start". 

​Sleep better, reduce stress and inflammation, fight disease, feel happier.

What You'll receive in the "Eat Clean Plan - Fresh Start"

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I suffer with an underactive thyroid and have tried everything to lose weight with no luck. In the first week of the Eat Clean plan I lost an incredible 5lbs. I never felt hungry or like I was missing out. I even get to eat out!


Clear, weekly food plans.

Plan your week in advance.

Everything you need for 28 days, all planned out. A new meal plan for each week with recipes for every dish and a shopping list for each week. All recipes are easy to follow and can be adapted to suit you and your family.  You'll also receive the "Maintain" guide to follow on from the "Fresh Start".  For just £28 you'll receive the complete package with no hidden extra charges!

The Eat Clean Plan is naturally gluten free and full of nutrients. There are tips and tricks to make the recipes easy. There's no need to be a trained chef and the ingredients are listed in metric measurements too so no need to convert the recipes!


Ingredients explained.

No need to hunt through the supermarket.

Less common ingredients are kept to a minimum and clearly explained - even where to find them in the supermarket.

The plan provides several alternatives for many ingredients. It steers away from expecting you to fill your cupboards with unusual and expensive ingredients you'll rarely use.


A guide to lifestyle improvements.

Your lifestyle is just as important as your health.

It's not just about food. You'll receive guides to better sleep, good exercise and relaxation techniques.  Create peace and harmony in your mind and nourish your body.

The guides can be adapted to all walks of life - whether you are working full time, a student, stay at home parent or enjoying your golden years.  Don't you deserve to thrive not just "survive"?  Take charge of your health today, it could be the best thing you've ever done.

​What's included:

A quick start guide with everything you need to get going

Downloadable PDFs suitable for any phone, tablet or laptop. They can also be printed

​4 weeks of detailed meal plans laid out in an easy to follow chart

Motivational emails, articles and encouragement

Nutritionally balanced, easy to follow recipes​ for every single meal listed

Simple and delicious recipes avoiding processed, inflammatory foods and gluten

Shopping list for each week - meat, vegetarian & fish options

Wellbeing and health guides

Online support and Facebook group access

"Maintain" guide at the end of the "Fresh Start" so you can continue your journey of healthy eating and living forever

Receive all of this for a single payment of £28

That's all you'll hidden charges ​guaranteed!

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See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:


I've lost 9lbs in 3 weeks! Loving my coconut milk morning smoothie and the energy balls are to die for. I'm amazed at how I feel, usually on a day off I make time for a quick snooze, but now I just want to keep going. Thanks for the introduction to eating clean. - Joanne


I'v lost half a stone and dropped a dress size on the Eat Clean plan! I have more energy as I always have whole food snacks on hand when working and travelling. I feel fantastic!!

John DoeUI/UX Designer

Since starting the Eat Clean Plan my family are feeling a lot healthier. Meal plans are easy to follow and recipes are quick and easy. Cereal bars are one of our favourites. We make two batches at the weekend and keep them in the fridge for the week. An added bonus to healthier eating is we are losing weight too!


I was just looking at my before and after pictures and can't believe how big my stomach was! In a short space of time I've lost over 20lbs and several inches all over. But more importantly I feel so much better, my joints don't ache as much and after a year I have kept the weight off with the "Maintain" plan!! - Dave

Eat Clean Plan

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